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I'm Boggdaddy. I dreamed up this Boggs and Boulders things after visiting other riding parks and seeing how much others love being out here with Mother Nature. My family and I have enjoyed this property for many years and we want to share it with you. Our goal is to offer you our southern hospitality and hope you enjoy every minute of your weekend vacation with us. Whether you come to relax, lay back and take in all the action around our huge, 10,000 square foot, pavilion, our campgrounds, our Cool Pool, or maybe our Mud Pie Cafe. Maybe you will bring you dirtbike, 4-wheeler, side x side, Jeep, mud buggy, rock crawler, 100 ton army tank, 4x4 truck, your wife's SUV, HARLEY DAVIDSON, crotch rocket, hiking gear, mountain climbing stuff, or swimsuit. We have something for YOU somewhere on our beautiful, scenic, 1,000 acres. We even have caves to explore. We have three lakes on the property for you to camp beside, or just sit on the many picnic tables located along the water's edge in the shade for you to use while admiring the beauty of our water and wildlife. We have mild rolling hills mixed with timberland and pastures (even cattle and llama at large in places). We have slick red hills, sand hills, rocky hills, XXX steep rock bluffs for the crawling crowd (all naturel, NOT man made), and GUESS WHAT?!?! YES, we have just what everybody loves; MUDDDDDDDD!!! And lots of it!! It's natural, too, not man made. Black mud flats, acres of them. Some are shallow, some are deep. Be prepared for both, or be a woosie and take all the bypass trails around the fun. Like I said, we have something for everyone to enjoy. Young or old, experienced or not so experienced. We have miles and miles of marked trails for you to ride. We strive to keep safety # 1 by having mostly one way trails, unless marked otherwise. Our trails are wide enough for the faster riders to pass from behind the slow ones (with safety and courtesy). Most of us like speed, as long as we don't harm ourselves or others. We have staff riding and monitoring actions. Warnings will be issued to dangerous riders. If warning don't work, dangerous riders will be escorted off the property. Same rules apply to misuse of alcohol or drugs. It will NOT be tolerated. Enough of this! Let's get happy by going back to our Cool Pool. It holds a constant temperature of 65 degrees because it is fed by a rock mountain mineral spring (all natural). It overflows year round. The water is crystal clear with an aqua blue tint. You better be tough when you jump in. It just might be the fountain of youth! Who knows!? It is as big as three Olympic pools and is really deep in places. We cheated just a little bit on the beach side. The sand actually came from nearby Destin, FL, via dump truck. For you rock climbers or rock crawlers, we think we have the only natural rock mountainsides south of Birmingham, AL.. Unbelievably close to the Gulf Coast. We don't know much about mountain climbing or rock crawling, but you are welcome to come show us how it's done on our untamed mountainsides. For all of you guys with cruising bikes, crotch rockets, and such, I have been a Harley biker for years. I also love my mud. I think our Pavilion is a great hang out site for a good meal and refreshments where you can socialize with like minded individuals and experience the culture of the off road community. We are located 16 miles from the nearest large city. Our winding country roads offer good, safe touring with minimal traffic in the surrounding area. With plenty of nearby lodging facilities, we can offer you an excellent vacation weekend. Our campgrounds include 74 50 AMP FULL hookup sites (water, electricity, and sewage) and 63 30 AMP (electric and water only) hookup sites. Water fill and dump stations are available on site. There are hundres of non hookup locations to park on the 1,000 acres (in the shade, by one of the lakes, or streams). Your choice!